About Fair Havens


Feeling Hopeless? There’s Hope.

Fair Havens is a nonprofit retreat center focused on bringing restoration and healing to women age 25+ who feel hopeless, burned-out, or overwhelmed by their life situation. The program is 3 days, and focuses on Biblical teaching, counseling, prayer, and rest. The retreat center is free of charge to attendees.

Our mission is to provide a place where you can rest and hear God’s voice. Our message is that healing and restoration is possible through a relationship with Jesus. Our ministry is designed to equip you with the tools necessary to face the journey ahead when you leave!

The Program

The program itself consists of Biblical teaching, prayer, counseling, and rest. Each day, attendees will receive information, resources, and guidance designed to heal and restore life hurts, as well as equip attendees for the journey ahead. Our staff is here to facilitate teaching/counseling sessions and keep the schedule running smoothly; beyond that, the program is designed to be an individual journey between you and God. If you feel you’re not able, or willing, to attend all sessions, please consider waiting until you’re physically and mentally strong enough to apply.

The Place

The retreat program and all lodging/meals is free of charge; attendees are responsible for transportation to/from the facility. Parking is available on-site and airport pick-ups/drop-offs are available should you choose to fly into a local airport. Our facilities include on-site laundry, beds, bath/showers, kitchen, and lounge area. All meals are provided by Fair Havens. Please note any dietary needs or restrictions in your application.

If you’re ready to find out more, click here to read the Requirements.