Fair Havens is open to women age 25+ who feel hopeless, overwhelmed, or burned-out from their life situation--regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, marital or employment status.

All attendees must be at least 25 years old at the time of application.

All attendees must complete an application, essay, all required paperwork, and a physical exam (signed and dated by a licensed physician), to be considered for acceptance into the program.

All attendees must be willing to arrange, and pay for, travel to the retreat center. Once accepted into the program, attendees will be assigned a retreat date, wherein it will be the attendee’s responsibility to arrange, and pay for, travel to the retreat on the applicant’s assigned date. Fair Havens will not provide transportation to/from the retreat facility. However, our facilities are located within an hour of the Nashville International Airport (BNA), and we are happy to provide airport pick-up and drop-off.

Attendees must be able and willing to attend all 3 days of the program. If a conflict arises with your scheduled retreat date, you will be asked to reschedule and assigned a new retreat date. You will be responsible for any/all resulting change to travel including airfare, rental car, etc.

All applicants must be in good physical health. Fair Havens is not a medical facility and is in no way licensed to provide medical treatment. As such, each attendee will be required to provide proof of a recent physical (good within 1 year of application, signed and dated by a licensed physician), and sign a medical clearance form stating that you are in good physical health.

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